billboard.js 3.5 release: new boost options! 🚀💥

What’s New?

boost options

From this release, adds two new options to boost the performance.


This option let remove as possible inlined style values from the generated node elements.

boost: {
useCssRule: true


The next ‘boost’ option is boost.useWorker option. This option will use WebWorker(ref. “Off The Main Thread”) thread to format given data, which will decrease TBT(Total Blocking Time).

boost: {
useWorker: true
billboard.js (top) / Chart.js (bottom)


New data.labels.rotate option will “rotate” data labels text.

data: {
labels: {
rotate: 90 // 90 degree


The ‘area’ type will render covering background according the value. When the values goes in a range of negative and positive values, the background area will be based on zero as follows.

area: {
below: true


When resize viewport, it automatically adjust the size when option is set. Usually the resize event happens multiple times and to avoid unnecessary resize task happens, it gives a delay of 200ms.

The current resize delay(200ms) using setTimeout()
Resize using requestIdleCallback()
resize: {
// make to use 'requestIdleCallback()'
timer: false,
resize: {
// trigger resize function on delay of 1000ms
// (default delay is 200ms)
timer: 1000

Contributors of this release

Many thanks for the participation and support!

Closing thoughts

billboard.js has been started its journey from forking popular C3.js project.



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