billboard.js 3.3 release: Non-zero based bar, stacking bar radius & more!

What’s New?

Non-zero based bar support

data: {
columns: [
-100, 100, 200,
[-100, 0], // [start, end] range array
[0, 100],
[100, 200]
100, 300, 500,
[0, 100],
[100, 300],
[200, 500]
type: "bar"
Ranged bar

Stacking bar radius

Radius for stacking bars


data: {
columns: [
['data1', 4, null, 4],
['data2', null, 3, null],
['data3', 1, 4, 4]
bar: {
indices: {
removeNull: true

Left: keeping nullish index order / Right: removed nullish value

Remove padding

padding: false
Removed padding


axis: {
[x | y | y2]: {
tick: {
culling: {
max: 5,
lines: false // hide tick lines

Closing thoughts

Thanks contributors! 🙏👏




Front-end engineer at NAVER, creator of billboard.js

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Jae Sung Park

Jae Sung Park

Front-end engineer at NAVER, creator of billboard.js

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