billboard.js 3.3 release: Non-zero based bar, stacking bar radius & more!

What’s New?

Non-zero based bar support

Bar type is used to represent data values from zero. What if want to display a ranged data using bar?
The new support of ranged data, will make visualize in a very simple way! Just specify a range data, an array of [start, end] range, will make this happens.

data: {
columns: [
-100, 100, 200,
[-100, 0], // [start, end] range array
[0, 100],
[100, 200]
100, 300, 500,
[0, 100],
[100, 300],
[200, 500]
type: "bar"
Ranged bar

Stacking bar radius

bar.radius option was given the ability to modify the shape of bar’s edge in a radius way, but only applicable for single bars.
From this release, this limitation has been removed. Now radius also applicable for grouped stacked bar also!

Radius for stacking bars


When bars containing nullish values, it won’t be rendered. But when displaying the bars on each tick, the order were kept, adding some gaps between each bar shape.
This was okay, but if data contains several nullish value, make harder to visualize values.

data: {
columns: [
['data1', 4, null, 4],
['data2', null, 3, null],
['data3', 1, 4, 4]
bar: {
indices: {
removeNull: true

Left: keeping nullish index order / Right: removed nullish value

Remove padding

The padding option, will make to adjust padding of charts area. The new alternative will let remove padding completely, to make only chart shape to be rendered.

padding: false
Removed padding


axis.[x|y|y2].tick.culling option adjusts the appearance of tick texts in a balanced way automatically, adding the readability of tick values. But not touching visibility of the tick lines.
The new axis.[x|y|y2].tick.culling.lines option will make to control tick line’s visibility.

axis: {
[x | y | y2]: {
tick: {
culling: {
max: 5,
lines: false // hide tick lines

Closing thoughts

Thanks contributors! 🙏👏

The open source project growth with the participation of contributors.
For this release, github/@ajaxlab contributed non-zero based bar feature and github/@ImADrafter contributed axis.[x|y|y2].tick.culling.lines.
We’re welcoming anyone who want to contribute to the project. This will make beneficial for all the ecosystem at all!



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