billboard.js 2.1.0 release: Another big step for performance improvement & more!

For the detailed release info, please checkout the release note:

What’s New?

v2 generate multiple event <rect> elements (Left) / v2.1 generate a single event <rect> element (Right)
v2 (Left) / v2.1 (Right)
v2 (Left) / v2.1 (Right)
Color patterns used for new ‘datalab’ theme
Combination chart with ‘datalab’ theme

For all themes color pattern and some screenshot, checkout:


axis: {
x | y | y2: {
type: "category" | "indexed" | "log" | "timeseries"
y Axis tick number starting from 0(zero).
area: {
front: true | false
.bb-area {opacity: 1;}
.bb-line {stroke: red !important;}
.bb-circle {
stroke: #000 !important;
fill: #000 !important;
area.font=true (Left) / area.front=false (Right)
import Plugin from "billboard.js/src/plugin/Plugin.js";

What’s Next?



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