Excited to share the new 3.2 release!. This release comes with 8 new features added & 13 bug fixes.

What’s New?


To make chart shape area have some padding to each side was possible, but the value wasn’t treated as pixel…

This release comes with 6 new features added & 10 bug fixes.

What’s New?

Contain inline css props

From this release, some of inline css properties are removed to be set.

Why contain?
Mainly because inline css props interfering user’s style definition to be applied. Before…


  • the major version changes is mainly to support for D3.js v6
  • new candlestick(OHLC) type support
  • .export() API enhancements
  • new subchart APIs

D3.js v6 Support

D3.js major release v6 came out August of 2020, with some breaking changes.

We were working for the…

This release comes with 7 new features added & 18 bug fixes.

What’s New?

Multiline support for data.label

Another enhancement was added for data label text display. Sometimes is irritating when needs text breaks for SVG text elements.

From this release, when the result text…

This release comes with 6 new features added & 12 bug fixes.

What’s New?

Interaction improvement

The root cause of performance bottleneck

Previously for each dataset based on x Axis, an event receiver node <rect class=' bb-event-rect'> is generated to handle user's event.

After the several months of work, proud to announce a long waited major update came out today!

# install the v2
npm install billboard.js


  • Moved the code base to TypeScript
  • Restructured whole file system & class architecture
  • Smaller build size…

Really excited to share the first new release of 2020! 🎉🎊

This release comes with 12 new features added & 19 bug fixes.

What’s New?

Multi type gauge

Prior this update, Gauge only could be represented as single level gauge or stack…

This release comes with 7 new features added & 14 bug fixes.

What’s New?

Lazy Rendering

The lazy rendering functionality make render lazily when chart bind element visibility is hidden. And when element turn to be visible, automatically renders the chart.

This release comes with 4 new features added & 9 bug fixes.

What’s New?

Bubble dimension

The ‘bubble’ visualizes the amount by its dimension. Normally attached with the axes, displaying bigger bubble when it goes from bottom to the top.

Bubble size tied with Y Axis value

It’s okay visualize…

JavaScript continues its popularity, which isn’t necessary to mention it anymore

JavaScript has been the most commonly used language in GitHub over the years, as shown in the graph in GitHub’s report, Octoverse. Also Stack Overflow’s recent survey, “Developer Survey Results 2019”, JavaScript was named as the most popular technology.

Top languages over time used on GitHub

Jae Sung Park

Front-end engineer at NAVER, creator of billboard.js

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